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Steven Moses is a highly experienced and renowned cinematographer specializing in food cinematography, motion control cinematography, slow motion photography, and macro/micro, live action and beauty cinematography . He is also an expert in all things in tabletop cinematography. In 2022, he founded ROBOT-ROBOT, a motion control company that provides a unique range of equipment and expertise, enabling him to execute extraordinary and previously un-shootable scenes.

With decades of experience in the TV commercial industry, Steven is known for his creativity, versatility, and ability to lead teams to efficient and creatively successful shoots. He is also a team player and easy to work with, making him a favorite among clients and crews alike.

Please visit WWW.ROBOT-ROBOT.COM and see Steven’s motion control service company.

It’s been said “he’s got a great eye for beauty, is a delight to work with and has outstanding problem solving skills”

Besides being a Director of Photography, Steven is a TaeKwonDo Master, a competitive sailboat racer, a cyclist and makes delicious Ruby Port Fig Jam as well as Tequila Lime Marmalade.

Some brands Steven has lensed ads for: Apple, Baskin-Robbins, Burger King, McDonald’s, Toyota, Red Robin, Carl’s Jr, KFC, Quiznos, McCormick, Starbucks, Cici’s Pizza, Dominos Pizza, Papa Murphy’s, Miller Beer, Hardees, Pepsi, ABC, GE, Dove Chocolate, Dunkin Donuts, Got Milk, WingStop, Disney, Botanist Gin, Post Cereals…..